We do not employ any sales staff which means we don’t pay commissions to people employed purely to make the sale. With us, our clients work directly with a single individual throughout the process and nobody in our business has any individual financial incentive to persuade a client to sign with us.

We don’t cold call potential clients to tell them they deserve an Honour and that they should use our services. All our clients approach us.
We are the only Honours specialists who offer “No Risk” packages and services with a proportion of the fee tied to the successful awarding of an Honour. We put our money where our mouth is.
We do not operate a word count based fee structure. We know that the actual document reviewed internally by the Cabinet Office and Honours Committees is never more than 2000 words, sometimes even less. Paying for additional words means that civil service staff will heavily edit the document before evaluation – and you are paying extra for words that will never be read by those that matter. By providing a document which meets the needs of the reader, we maximise the chances for our clients.
We don’t, and won’t, run our own awards schemes, and then charge nominees to enter and also charge to prepare the nominations for them. Awards presented by companies who only exist to run awards shows do not provide value for recipients. We help clients win legitimate, independent and widely recognized awards and honours.

Crafting Compelling Business Award Nominations

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