What Bayleaf Honours Award Writing Service Is Not

by | Jun 9, 2021

We have helped hundreds of people prepare effective and detailed nominations for a Queen’s Honour. It’s a famously detailed process requiring specific substantiation and writing which is effective enough to convince a committee of strangers that your nominee is deserving. So with all that we do, we thought we should take a moment to explain what we don’t do. In short, we’re not lobbyists. We don’t promise access or influence. We’re not cheating the system and hiring us is not a shortcut. We’ve not buried the lead here. But if you’re interested in why we are not these things, read on.

We’re not lobbyists 

When you hire us to help you craft your nomination. That’s exactly what we’ll do. We can’t then take that nomination and physically distribute it to committee members or wine and dine them for your consideration. Each nomination must go through the same channels. We can’t influence that. And we wouldn’t want to. We believe in a fair process for everyone. So no, we’re not lobbyists and we have no personal stake in any one nomination that we submit. (Of course, we want all our clients to get awarded.)

We don’t promise access or influence

We can’t introduce you to anyone on the selection committee. As the BBC states, “The nominations are divided into nine subject areas – the arts and media, health, the parliamentary and political service, education, science and technology, economy, community, voluntary and local services, sports and state – and assessed by committees comprising independent experts and senior civil servants. Their assessments are passed to a selection committee that produces the list, independently of government, that is submitted to the Queen through the prime minister.” At no point can we make introductions to committee members or chairs or influence their decisions. That wouldn’t be fair.

We’re not cheating the system

So, it goes without saying that all our nominations go through the same process as everyone else’s. We’re not offering bribes, pestering ministers or trying to circumvent the process at all. We believe the real honour is in being selected through a fair and transparent process. And we wouldn’t want to cheapen the honour by trying to cheat. Quite the opposite, if you are awarded through the use of our services, you can be assured everything was above board at all times.

We’re not a shortcut

Just as hiring a lawyer for a court appearance doesn’t mean that you are paying for a given result, hiring us to help with admin and ensuring all bases are covered is just common sense. It’s not a shortcut. The process is still a long and detailed one; you just have help now. You hire a lawyer because they’ve practised law – they have the experience you don’t. And it’s the same when you hire Bayleaf Honours. We have years of experience creating winning award submissions that could increase your chances.
We are experts in writing great Queen’s Honours award submissions. We know how to get supporter letters that are meaningful and we’re really good at the admin along the way. If you want to talk about how Bayleaf could help you nominate yourself or someone you know; let’s talk.

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