What Makes Our Approach Different To Our Competitors

by | May 19, 2021

Not surprisingly, we’re not the only providers of award writing services in the UK. There are other companies offering submission writing for Queen’s Honours and other awards. However, we like to think our approach is different to our competitors. From cost to quality, we’ll break down why we think you get more with Bayleaf.


Not only are we a highly price competitive Queen’s Honours writing service (our prices are at least 50% lower than our competitors), but we offer an industry-leading ‘no risk’ guarantee which none of our competitors match. Essentially, if we assess your application and find it to be exceptionally qualified, we’ll offer you a no award – no fee deal. We want to back a winning horse, so if we’re confident your nominee is a sure bet, we’ll eliminate your risk. If your nominee does not get awarded throughout two rounds of nominations, we’ll refund 100% of your fees. Read more on that offer: No Risk Honours Nominations.


Submitting a winning award nomination involves a lot of moving parts. If it didn’t require chasing up and consulting with supporters, writing long and complex documents and managing several submission funnels; nominations would be simpler to manage without assistance. Thankfully, we use cutting-edge technology to automate many of the tasks related to submitting nominations. That way, nothing falls through the cracks. Not only that, but our cloud-based client portal means that you have access 24/7 to the latest status of your nomination – who has written already, who is pending etc. Attention to detail is one key part of crafting a successful nomination.


We’re committed to diversity in a way few others are. Our team hail from across the globe. That’s why we can support with honours beyond just the United Kingdom. And we think that’s also why we’re so good at what we do. Our approach comes from the collaboration of different global perspectives and cultural backgrounds. So, when we conduct research, draft nominations or work with your supporters; we’re looking at your award from every possible angle to create the biggest impact.

We’re also passionate about diversity within the Honours system itself – from launching public campaigns to update the name of the various honours, to our client base itself (more than 60% of our clients identify as BAME).


Over the years, we’ve seen many datasheets on scores of qualified award hopefuls. And we’ve come to recognise what makes a nominee stand out to the committee. It’s that experience you’re buying when you hire us for your award nomination. There are lots of websites promising to tell you how to win an award, but without first-hand experience and scores of success stories; they’re just a shot in the dark. With such stiff competition and significant outlay involved in submitting a nomination; you need a better guarantee than that.


Good writing matters. It’s as simple as that. With thousands of submissions every year, you can’t afford for an oversight to cost you an honour. And it’s not just about grammar. Our writing team are all qualified experts with experience in crafting nominations that win awards. There’s a certain structure to it, a way of presenting your nominee’s accomplishments that load the dice in their favour. So when you contract Bayleaf Honours, you’re giving your nomination a competitive edge.

And these are just some of the reasons why we think we’re a safe bet. Why not talk to us about your specific case or read more about what the award committee is looking for in a nomination.

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