What An Honour Can Do For You

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Winning Honours

For many, the idea of being awarded an honour is a far-flung fantasy. Many don’t realise the nomination process is open to anyone and believe that only the aristocracy or famous are considered. But actually, the vast majority of honours are awarded to regular people doing extraordinary things for their community, field of study or profession. But what can an honour do for you? Is it just a piece of paper or does it actually possess some benefits in and of itself? You’d be surprised! Here’s what an honour can do for you in modern Britain and globally:

Raise your profile

This is probably the most obvious benefit. If you’re the head of a company, working in the arts or pioneering in a medical field; an award can increase your personal desirability. A chairman with an OBE may hold more sway with investors than one without. Or an actress with the Dame title could bring in more box office returns than a film might otherwise earn. Even in our modern day and age, it would be foolish to discount the mystique, confidence and interest a Queen’s Honour can afford. This even holds true outside of the UK with many Americans revering knighthoods (even if they may be confused as to their meaning in some cases). For those looking to raise their personal profile, securing an honour can yield significant benefits to their future career prospects.

Increase support for your cause

Hundreds of people receive Queen’s Honours every year. According to the Sun, “A total of 1,495 honours make up the 2020 list, with 414 given to unsung heroes who responded to the coronavirus pandemic. Hundreds of key workers – including nurses, delivery drivers, supermarket staff and volunteers – are among those who receive honours for their selfless and caring deeds.” Through their award, these recipients are able to shed light on the work they’re doing in the community or for charity. Additionally, having an award can increase the perceived prestige of one’s own patronage. It can increase the public’s desire to donate or get involved with a cause when a nationally recognised person is leading or heavily invested in an organisation. So, getting awarded can actually help with the causes you care about most.

Bring publicity to your company/organisation

Not only can an honour improve your personal profile and increase support for the causes you’re involved with, but it can also generate publicity for your company and organisation. Interviews with OBEs and the like are common across all British broadcasters and becoming more commonplace in global media. The legitimacy a Queen’s Honour affords can provide you with more opportunities to talk about the work you’re doing as an expert on TV, radio and events. Many honours recipients are invited to keynote premium events like TED Talks and global expos. This exposure and press can only benefit your company or organisation with increased traffic and interest.

Now, we understand that the nomination process can prove challenging. There’s a fair bit of paperwork to compile and a significant amount of writing involved. That’s why we take all the hassle out of crafting a nomination with our all-inclusive service. Talk to our team today about how Bayleaf Honours can help to win an MBE.

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