Our Commitment To Privacy And Discretion

by | Jun 25, 2021

There are certain policies and processes which we follow to ensure that our clients information is treated with the appropriate care and that our relationship is maintained with an appropriate level of discretion.

  • the identity of the client (ie the person instigating the service) is “firewalled” and is only known to the Bayleaf team member directly working on your account; no other members of staff have access to this information; there is therefore no ability to link the identity of the client initiating our service with the identity of the nominee
  • all our client information is held on Microsoft powered cloud-based portals, with access only to the client, and staff working directly on the nomination; this is password protected to the highest levels
  • we never retain supporter information in our system and we never “sell” to people providing supporting letters
  • the wording of support outreach emails is verified with the client to ensure that there is no possibility of client identity being compromised; at no stage, even if requested, do we identify the client to any supporter – unless we have permission to do so from the client
  • supporter communications and outreach are performed by a dedicated member of staff who looks after all letters connected to the nomination; this ensures that communication is consistent and professional
  • as a client, you will only ever have communication with a single person from Bayleaf and all emails, phone calls etc will be handled by that individual to ensure that all information, especially as related to discretion and background, is correctly handled
  • every member of the team has signed a watertight NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to ensure that your personal information is fully protected

We take what we do very seriously. We deal with hopes and dreams, but also reputations and friendships. There is a sensitivity to what we do, and every client relationship is different. There are professional jealousies, family issues, commercial considerations etc etc – we have encountered them all. If we ever sense any hesitation from supporters, we will always notify you to agree the course of action.

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