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Services We Offer To Support You

We have developed three types of service offerings to support talented leaders to receive the recognition they deserve.

Full Nomination / Application

We work together on a single award application – creating a compelling and detailed citation which fully meets the requirements of the judges. This is never just a reheated CV, but a custom-made document which reflects you and your career achievements.

Double Nomination

We work on an individual award nomination that fits your needs. If the application doesn’t succeed and doesn’t result in an award, we offer around 2-4 alternatives to also apply for (at no additional cost). This is unique in the industry and ensures that your investment has the very best chance of success.

Award Strategy

We can develop for you a three year award strategy showing how to win awards at increasing levels of impact – what you need to do internally to make that happen etc. We analyse your career and the way that business awards can support your strategy – and develop a plan to help you to achieve those goals.

Why Bayleaf?

We established this business to be fit for the digital era – remote teams giving in-depth expertise and a flexible approach to produce results faster and cheaper than the established consultants.

We have a track record of securing success for high profile, demanding and talented individuals like yourself through our Bayleaf business which specialises in Royal Honours. That skill and experience is now being applied with equal success to the world of individual business leader and entrepreneurial awards.

Crafting Compelling Nominations For Deserved Rewards

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