Birthday Honours 2023

The King’s Birthday Honours List 2023 – United Kingdom

More than 1,000 recipients have been awarded for their outstanding contributions across all sectors and parts of the UK, including with a renewed focus on those who have had a profoundly positive impact on how society faces up to the most challenging issues of the modern era.

Individuals have been recognised for being inspiring entrepreneurs, innovators and philanthropists.

Other  significant contributions relate to the provision of high-quality healthcare and education, as well as individuals whose actions have helped tackle crime or supported families to contribute to society, including helping children achieve their potential.

Deputy Prime Minister, Rt Hon. Oliver Dowden MP, said:

This year’s honours list is a testament to ordinary people who have demonstrated extraordinary community spirit, and I pay tribute to all those who have been recognised today.

Our honours system has long been a way of recognising people who make an incredible contribution to life in Britain and beyond.

We are now focussed on levelling up the system to ensure it represents the length and breadth of the country, and I hope that the fantastic stories this year ensure more regional nominations in the future.

High quality healthcare and education

Sheila Reith has been recognised for her contribution to the world of medicine with a CBE for her work in leading the development and pioneering the use of the first insulin injection pen, an action from which she subsequently made no financial gain. Her contribution has changed the way hundreds of millions of people have lived with diabetes ever since.

Philip Cook, a military veteran, of Stockton-on-Tees is receiving an OBE for work which helped turn around the fortunes of several colleges across northern England. Paul Harvey has been awarded an OBE for raising more than £1.5 million for dementia services after being diagnosed with the condition.

Tackling crime, supporting families to contribute to society and helping children.

Suzanne Oldnall, who has worked tirelessly to support domestic abuse victims in Worcester including through the establishment of a drop-in centre, is receiving a BEM.

Recipients who typify the volunteering theme include Trevor Gomes, who is receiving  an BEM for his work establishing a youth mentoring programme which equips young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with the skills needed for the world of work and higher education.

Suzanne Jacqueline Richards from Wednesbury in the West Midlands has received an MBE after setting up a charity for the families who have lost loved ones in traumatic circumstances such as murder and terrorism. She set up Smile for Joel up after losing three family members in the 2015 Tunisia terror attacks.

Inspiring entrepreneurs, innovators and philanthropists

Entrepreneurs have received Honours in this year’s List, with Yulian Topazly receiving an MBE for her work helping more than 10,000 women into sustainable employment while George Imafidon who, aged 27, receives an MBE for a grassroots social enterprise he co-founded which brings together young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and employers looking to attract diverse talent.


The ‘Big Help Out’ saw millions of people volunteering in their communities on the weekend of the Coronation and those themes are also seen in this year’s List. Examples can be found of extraordinary voluntary and community service, including people involved in Operation London Bridge and the associated security operations.

The oldest recipient, Joan Willett is 106 years old and receives a BEM for her charitable fundraising for the British Heart Foundation. The youngest recipient is Junior Jay Frood who is 18 years old and receives a BEM for services to vulnerable children.

Volunteer work related to the war in Ukraine is also recognised in this year’s list, including an MBE for Dr Alice Good who founded Sunflower Sisters, an organisation which provides matching services and ongoing support for Ukrainians after they arrive in the UK, and Bristol’s Razvan Constantinescu who will receive an MBE after overseeing more than 4,000 boxes of aid for the people of war-torn Odessa and the neighbouring villages who have evacuated to neighbouring countries.

Well-known recipients include Davina McCall for her esteemed career as a broadcaster and campaigner, actress and presenter Vicky McClure for her groundbreaking dementia campaigning where she’s shone a light on the positive impact of music therapy on dementia-sufferers, and footballer-turned-pundit Ian Wright for services to charity and Association Football.

The List also awards three Companions of Honour – of which there are only 65 recipients at any time – Dame Anna Wintour, for her services to fashion and publishing, Sir Ian McEwan for his service to literature and Professor Sir John Bell, for his services to medicine and medical research.

The Prime Minister is determined to make sure that honours represent the length and breadth of the country, so that the honours system captures and celebrates the fantastic contribution of people from every corner of the UK.


The honours system strives to be inclusive of all of the UK society. Of the 1,171 people who receive an award:

  • 1,039 candidates have been selected at BEM, MBE and OBE level:
    • 332 at BEM
    • 471 at MBE
    • 236 at OBE
  • 608 (52%) of the recipients are people who have undertaken outstanding work in their communities either in a voluntary or paid capacity;
  • 586 women are recognised in the List, representing 50% of the total;
  • 11% of the successful candidates come from an ethnic minority background:
    • 6% of recipients are from an Asian ethnic group;
    • 3% of recipients are from a black ethnic group;
    • 1% of recipients with a mixed ethnic background;
    • 1% of recipients come from another ethnic background;
  • 13% of the successful candidates are disabled or have a long-term health condition;
  • 23% of recipients considered themselves to come from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds

The full list was issued on 17th June 2023 and can be found at

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