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“I wish had approached Bayleaf four years ago when I first thought of engaging help for a Queen’s Honour. The level of detail knowing what is required, as well as the ability to coax the relevant information to support a successful application, I can say with experience, is second-to-none. Bayleaf’s approach that every individual is different – and so every approach has to be tailored – is both unique and also comforting that you’re giving yourself the best chance of recognition in the process.”

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Winning OBEs, MBEs And Queen’s Honours Is Our #1 Goal

Your Queen’s Honours Nomination Has The Best Chance Of Success With Us

We offer realistic advice at sensible prices. Our experienced consultants understand the process. As a result, we will create a nomination with the greatest possible chance of success. Whatever the award (MBE, OBE or more) we maximise your chances.

Bayleaf Honours are also the ONLY Honours Specialists who provide “No Risk” nomination packages. We are so confident in our expertise and approach, that if you choose one of our No-Risk Services, we refund 100% of your fee if you are not successful*. Check out the product page or our Explainer Video for further information.

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Who Is Eligible And What Is The Process?

From the UK Government Website: Of course, there are always fewer Honours than people who deserve them. Because they are rare, they should be reserved for people:
  • firstly, who have changed things especially by solid, practical achievement or outstanding service
  • or, whose work has brought distinction to British life or enhanced the UK’s reputation

In addition, you can read more about the current priority areas of the Prime Minister & the Honours System and how they have changed over time.

How Can Bayleaf Honours Help?

We are experienced consultants. (We also have a global team who can support with recognition in, amongst others Australia, New Zealand and Canada). The team understand how to create an honest and effective case. This takes into account the factors which are important to the selection committee. After we listen to you, we will give you an honest assessment of the chances of success based on the facts that you tell us. Then if you want to proceed, we will write the application with you.
Finally, in addition to the nomination itself, we can also help the supporters that you choose to write their letters.
Experienced Writers
Realistic Assessment
Detailed Investigation
Market-Leading Pricing
Transparent Process
Compelling Application
Free Consultation
No Added Extras
Supporting Documentation
Experienced Writers
Realistic Assessment
Detailed Investigation
Market-Leading Pricing
Transparent Process
Compelling Application
Free Consultation
No Added Extras
Supporting Documentation

How We Work

When the current nomination process was introduced in the 1990s, the reason was to allow members of the public to easily nominate the everyday heroes and heroines we meet in our lives. The Honours shouldn’t be reserved for the rich and elite.
So that’s how we work at Bayleaf – sensible pricing for writing great nominations. We charge fees that are significantly lower than our competitors to allow more people to nominate their loved ones and respected colleagues.

It’s a common question – “Why should we use a company like yours when the service is free? And is it ethical to pay for help?” You can read our answers at our blog post.

The Planning Phase

  1. After placing the order, you will receive confirmation that the payment has been received with a link to a questionnaire.
  2. Complete our online questionnaire with a few details about the nominee. Some of these details are needed now at this early stage (eg confirming email address etc). Others are for foundational work (eg CV or profile). Some are for the online submission at the end of the process (eg date of birth, address etc.) You submit the questionnaire to us and we…
  3. Use your profile documents and start online research. Using that plus the documents you have given us, we put together a framework of the application. More specifically, we will decide which are the significant elements of your story which we will use to build your nomination.
  4. Once we have a clear framework in mind, we will share that with you to get your agreement and then start the longest and most complex part of the process.

The Creation Phase

  1. Gathering supporting letters. Firstly, we will ask you for 2 or 3 names for each “plank” of the story to ensure we have good coverage and depth across the entire nomination.
  2. We approach the potential supporters gently, via email (phones make people suspicious) explaining who we are and that we are working for a client to nominate person X. Then we ask if they would be willing to write a letter of support and if so, would they appreciate some guidance from us about how best to write it.
  3. On average, in a list of 10 supporters, 7 will agree, 2 don’t reply (maybe didn’t see the message, or maybe don’t want to support) and 1 will decline. (There can be several reasons for this – sometimes people don’t approve of the process, sometimes people have been declined themselves & sometimes, people just don’t think that you deserve an honour).
  4. For those that agree, we send them some guidelines to help them write effective letters.
  5. Then we wait. And remind. And chase…and then wait some more. Finally, the letters arrive back and we check, suggest edits, and wait again.
  6. Once we have enough letters of high enough quality, we pass the letters, background information you have sent us, and online research to the writer from our team that we have selected for you. (Our writers are all broadsheet trained journalists and writers. We match your story with the writer with the experience to write your story in a compelling way.)
  7. Then – we write. The Bayleaf way. We base our writing on the planks we discuss in #5 above with the key aim of demonstrating your contribution and the results you achieved. We are NOT writing or rewriting your CV. Instead, we are writing a story to show you to your best advantage.

The Review Phase

  1.  And then – we send it to you. The two main sections of the nomination form plus all the supporters’ letters. (Most of our clients tell us that this is the best part of the process – reading the letters from friends and colleagues and seeing their accomplishments in black and white.) Then, we discuss, edit, review, etc – until you're happy.
And that’s it – our twelve stages which help us build a great nomination for you to win an MBE or other Honour. It’s all targeted to create something compelling, memorable that hits the Government’s priorities.

Our Guaranteed Market-Best Pricing

Phone Consultation
Questionnaire Assessment
Completion Of Nomination Form
Writing Of Compelling Case
Supporting Documentation
Detailed Research
12 Month Payment Plan Available

What Our Clients Are Saying


“Experienced, professional and accessible. My experience with Bayleaf Honours was very enjoyable. I found the team there to be unpretentious, honest and transparent. My nomination was written in a compelling, comprehensive & timely manner. Their fees are fair and readily available. I had full access to all team members and felt my nomination was in the best hands.”

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Why Choose Bayleaf Honours For Your MBE Nomination?

At Bayleaf, we provide our clients with affordable expertise every day. Of course, there are other providers of nomination services who charge very differently to our simple pricing structure. We built our business with low overheads so we can charge low prices to our clients. For example, our writers work remotely so we don’t pay for office space. Also, our process works exclusively online, so nobody has to pay travel expenses.
That means that we can commit to beating any other price for a similar service – by a lot! If you have received a genuine offer from any established competitor of ours, send the offer to us and we guarantee to beat their price – by a lot!
We operate a high integrity business. So we don’t make promises about our chances of success and we don’t claim to have influence or inside knowledge of the process. Our clients receive an honest assessment of success, compelling writing & in-depth research. Nothing more, nothing less.
Finally, our business is 100% focused – we don’t allow ourselves to be distracted with business awards or other nominations. Securing recognition for you is our relentless passion.

5 Good Reasons To Use Bayleaf Honours

You may have just learned about honours writing services and that’s how you’ve stumbled onto this article. Perhaps you’re thinking of someone you’d like to nominate or you’re unclear what an honours writing service could do to help you. Here are five reasons why using an honours writing service just makes sense:

1. Identifying The Right Supporters And Helping Them Write Compelling Letters

Chances are, you know a lot of people. Some of them would be amazing resources for supporting nomination letters for an award nomination. But you’d be surprised to learn how many people just don’t know where to start when it comes to creating a prospective supporter list or helping them create a helpful supporter letter. That’s where an honours writing service can help. You’ll receive guidance around whom to approach and they’ll get support writing a great nomination letter; one of the many requirements for a Royal Honour.

2. Follow-Up And Persistence During The Process

Have you ever started a task, but when it seemed no one else was keen on it, you just let it fizzle out? Securing your honours award nomination shouldn’t be like that. When you work with an honours writing service, they will not only advise and guide your application process but they’ll chase for any outstanding information from your nominee and supporters with a dogged determination. And that’s going to be critical as the process can take a long time and you’ll not want to lose steam nearing the finish line when you’ve invested so much time already.

3. Effective Writing With A Laser Focus

Perhaps you’re a competent writer yourself. You may be thinking, what can an honours preparation service do for me that I couldn’t manage on my own? Well, you’d be surprised how valuable experience with writing hundreds of nominations actually is. There’s a certain flow to a good nomination. You’ll need to hit key points and maintain your focus with supporting information over a long, often 6+ page document. And that’s hard for any writer to do, even a professional one. A keen eye for edits and an understanding of what the reviewing committee is looking for goes a long way.

4. Eliminating The Admin And Risk-Of-Error

The awards nomination process for a Royal Honour can be a long and tedious one. There are multiple moving parts and a fair few documentation requirements to meet before a nomination is considered. So there is a lot that could go wrong for the inexperienced. The admin and detail of submitting a nomination could take over your life if you’re going at it alone. That’s why many people choose to work with an expert team like Bayleaf. That external support is critical to minimize your time investment and reduce errors in your honours nomination submission.

5. Being Discreet Throughout

Outside of your designated supporter list, you might not want the world to know you’re attempting to nominate for or be awarded, a Royal Honour. There are many reasons for this and when you work with an established honours writing service, they’ll always respect your need for privacy throughout the process. You may also be sharing sensitive information about yourself, your career or your medical history as part of the nomination process. Understandably, those things are all kept in the strictest of confidence at all times. When you contract a team like Bayleaf Honours, your privacy is a top priority.

So you see? While no one can guarantee you’ll be awarded an honour, there are lots of compelling reasons to retain an honours writing team for your nomination. If you’d like to discuss further what Bayleaf can do to support you and how to get an MBE or other Honour, reach out to our helpful team here.

Fun Facts About Honours

Twice a year we hear debate about the Royal Honours – both in terms of the recipients chosen and the reasons that some people reject their award. But how much do you really know? What are the rules? And who turned their award down?


It is perhaps the origin of the Royal Honours that divides the masses. While some embrace the tradition and all it stands for, others cannot bring themselves to participate in a ceremony that harks back to the British Empire.

So Where And Why Did It Start?

Well, back in 1348, Edward III created the highest English order of chivalry, the Most Noble Order of the Garter. As the role of Government evolved in the eighteenth century, the Cabinet took over the role of selecting honours recipients and from there, the awards became something for broader society, looking beyond aristocracy and high ranking military figures.

Rarely Granted Awards

The Royal Victorian Order comprises several honours that are rare perhaps because of the way they are given. These awards, unlike others, are at the sole discretion of the Queen, and it is perhaps for this reason that Prince Philip has been decorated with so many of them!

Do You Have To Be A British National To Win?

Actually, no. The Foreign Office can recommend an award go to a foreigner who has made a significant impact. These are called Honorary Awards and a full list of the 2019 honorary awards can be found at

Controversial Awards

Perhaps one of the most controversial awards to date has to be that of the Knighthood of Iain Duncan Smith. Many argued that he was receiving the honour for being ‘Mr Universal Credit’ – a system which many claim led to poverty and distress for many.

Who Was Stripped Of Their Honour?

Perhaps the most recent and high-profile case was that of Rolf Harris, who was stripped of his CBE following his conviction of numerous counts of indecent assault. But there are many more, including a double agent, an alleged blackmailer and a corrupt businessman.

And Finally, Just For Fun, We Look At The Weird Things People Have Worn To Their Honours Ceremony

Even the Queen herself has made headlines for her choice of clothes at an investiture. In March 2020, due to public health fears amid the Coronavirus outbreak, the Queen made news for, unusually, wearing long white gloves to pin the medals to the recipients.

But there has been a truly colourful fashion parade at previous ceremonies.

From devil’s horns to no knickers – and we’re talking about just one person here. The Queen of punk fashion, Vivienne Westwood, made the news when she collected her OBE in 1992 and giving a rather revealing twirl in her dress. Although stating that she was once again knicker-less when she was made a Dame years later, it was perhaps her silver devil’s horns that made the headlines along with her fashionable nod to Che Guevara. But even though Dame Vivienne is perhaps the most controversial, many celebrities have been snapped in gorgeous or unusual creations. There’s a great photo gallery here – but can you guess which British celebrity arrived in her trainers?

* For full details about No Risk Nominations, please see our Terms and Conditions, and consult our No-Risk Nomination page.

History of the Queen's Honours Palace Corridor

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