Nominating someone for an Order of New Zealand Honours Award is achieved through completing an online application form, then The Honours Unit will review your nomination. You will receive a letter formally acknowledging your nomination, and informing you of the list for which your nominee will be considered. However, giving your application the best chance of success is the speciality of the expert team at Bayleaf Honours who have helped many hopeful nominees on the journey to their award.

Get Help With Your New Zealand Honour Application Or Nomination

What Is The Highest Honour In New Zealand?

We often get asked the question does New Zealand have Honours awards? And the answer is yes. The most prestigious national award in New Zealand honours people for their contribution to the wellbeing of the country. This can be shown in different ways such as heroism, innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership or anyone who is striving to improve their community and country for the better.
The Order of New Zealand is the highest honour in New Zealand’s royal honours system and was introduced in 1987 “to recognise outstanding service to the Crown and people of New Zealand in a civil or military capacity.

How Do You Become Sir In New Zealand?

To be awarded the title of Sir in New Zealand you must be awarded a Knighthood under The New Zealand Order of Merit. There are 5 levels of Merit but only those awarded the top two can use the title Sir.

The 5 levels of Honour are:

  1. Dames & Knights Grand Companions (GNZM)
  2. Dames & Knights Companions (KNZM & DNZM)
  3. Companions (CNZM)
  4. Officers (ONZM)
  5. Members (MNZM)

FAQ About New Zealand Honours Awards

Are Non New Zealand Citizens Eligible For Honours Awards?

Yes, Non-New Zealanders are eligible for honorary awards.

Can I Make Additions Or Changes To The Information Submitted?

You may send additional information to support the nomination at any time.

How Long Does Nomination For An New Zealand Honours Award Take?

Nomination forms are accepted throughout the year, but the processing and consideration of nominations is likely to take at least six months.

What Our Clients Are Saying


“Experienced, professional and accessible. My experience with Bayleaf Honours was very enjoyable. I found the team there to be unpretentious, honest and transparent. My nomination was written in a compelling, comprehensive & timely manner. Their fees are fair and readily available. I had full access to all team members and felt my nomination was in the best hands.”

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Get Help With Your New Zealand Honour Application Or Nomination

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