The Order of Canada is the cornerstone of the Canadian Honours System, it recognises dedication to the community and service to the nation. Nominating someone for the Order of Canada is a pretty straightforward process. If you know someone who deserves an honour, you can complete an anonymous nomination by completing this online form. The guidelines actually suggest that you don’t tell the person you are nominating to avoid disappointment if the nomination is not successful.

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How Do You Write A Nomination For An Honour?

In order for your nomination to stand out amongst the thousands submitted each year you must explain and include evidence and clear examples of what makes your chosen nominee so exceptional. It’s important to use specific examples to show how your nominee meets each of the eligibility and award criteria. Provide examples of how your nominee has demonstrated outstanding character and is a deserving candidate for the honour or award.

Some of the reasons an honour is awarded include:

  • someone who has remarkably touched the lives of others, particularly those who are vulnerable or less fortunate than themselves
  • persons who have shown ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication or devoted themselves to sustained and selfless voluntary service
  • public servants or private sector employees who have earned the respect of their peers and become a role model in their field
  • a compelling nomination should also describe the difference your nominee’s contribution has made and show why it has been important

Include details such as:

  • how were things before the achievement
  • what knowledge your nominee had of the situation and what actions they chose to take
  • the scale of the achievement and whether it is completed or ongoing
  • the achievement’s impact on the community or province and how it has enriched the lives of others
  • what made this an outstanding achievement – indicate any extraordinary circumstances or challenges the nominee faced

Understanding The Canadian Honours System

Canadian honours are respected around the world as a system of recognition that is merit-based, apolitical and accessible. Any person or group can nominate someone for an award.
The Order of Canada was established in 1967, and since then more than 7000 people have been invested into the order. These individuals set an example for all Canadians to follow and exemplify the Order’s motto, which is DESIDERANTES MELIOREM PATRIAM (“They desire a better country”).

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Get Help With Your Order Of Canada Application Or Nomination

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