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Distilled, Key Award Information

Thousands of awards for honours take place each year. As such, their notices can end up looking a bit brief. However, a typical award notice contains all the basic information on the nominee you might need to see. Here is an example from the Gazette for Sir Elton John’s appointment:

Order Of The Companions Of Honour

Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood

St. James’s Palace, London SW1

28 December 2019

THE QUEEN has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following appointments to the Order of the Companions of Honour:

To be Members:

Sir Elton Hercules JOHN C.B.E.

For services to Music and to Charity.

You can see from the above that a Queen’s Honours notice contains:

  • information about the awarding body
  • details on the specific order the appointee is joining
  • the award location
    the award date
  • from whom the award was granted i.e. THE QUEEN
  • the full name of the appointee
  • the reason for the appointment

On the Gazette website itself, you can view further provenance data and order commemorative products based on the notice. This may be of interest when searching Queen’s Honours and award information for a close friend, colleague or loved one.

Should You Be On The List?

You could qualify for an OBE, CBE or MBE and you might not even be aware of it. If you’re searching the awards database and considering making a nomination yourself, why not try out our fast, free assessment? It will help you decide if you meet the standard for Royal Honours without the extra time or hassle of a phone consultation. You can even check if an award nomination is right for someone you know.

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