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Curious about who won an MBE, who won an OBE, who won a CBE and more?

The UK Honours System plays a crucial role in British society by acknowledging individuals for their contributions to the community across various fields. It is structured to recognise people from diverse backgrounds who have vast and varied knowledge and experience of different socio-economic circumstances, communities and societal issues and is aimed to reward individuals who have significantly contributed to society through their professional work, charitable activities, or community service.

The Royal Honours Nomination Process

The procedure for nominating someone for an honour is simple and open to everyone. To be considered, the nominee should have demonstrably contributed in a meaningful and ongoing way to their field, community, or wider society, with a proven beneficial effect on others.

After nomination, the Honours and Appointments Secretariat will review each submission and advise the Prime Minister’s office of promising candidates who they feel are deserving of recognition for their dedication. The final decision on whether to award the honour rests with the Prime Minister.

People can be recognised and nominated for an MBE, OBE or CBE for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, their contributions to the arts, science and technology or business development, military services and sports achievements or services to education or healthcare.

How To Find Out Who Won An MBE, Who Won An OBE Or Who Won A CBE? 

All Royal Honours are on public record and are available to search online, courtesy of The Gazette. If you’re curious to find out who has been awarded a Royal Honour, including an MBE, OBE, CBE or other formal recognition, simply enter their name into the search field below to check the database. 

Distilled, Key Award Information

Thousands of awards for honours take place each year. As such, their notices can end up looking a bit brief. However, a typical award notice contains all the basic information on the nominee you might need to see. Here is an example from the Gazette for Sir Elton John’s appointment:

Order Of The Companions Of Honour

Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood

St. James’s Palace, London SW1

28 December 2019

THE QUEEN has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following appointments to the Order of the Companions of Honour:

To be Members:

Sir Elton Hercules JOHN C.B.E.

For services to Music and to Charity.

You can see from the above that a Queen’s Honours notice contains:

  • information about the awarding body
  • details on the specific order the appointee is joining
  • the award location
    the award date
  • from whom the award was granted i.e. THE QUEEN
  • the full name of the appointee
  • the reason for the appointment

On the Gazette website itself, you can view further provenance data and order commemorative products based on the notice. This may be of interest when searching King’s Honours and award information for a close friend, colleague or loved one.

Should You Be On The List?

If you feel your achievements, or those of a friend or colleague could be recognised in the form of a Royal Honour, then this is the opportunity to secure an honour and appear on this esteemed awards database of outstanding achievers.

How To Get Nominated for a Royal Honour

You might be eligible for an OBE, CBE, or MBE without even realizing it. If you’re exploring the awards database and contemplating submitting a nomination, we’re here to assist you in determining whether you fit the criteria for a Royal Honour.

Simply input your details into our Self-Assessment form and discover which honour may be most fitting for your knowledge and experience without having to undergo time-consuming processes or phone consultations.

Apply For A Royal Honour

If you’d like to apply for an OBE, CBE, MBE or other Royal Honour and you feel your knowledge, experience and actions fit the criteria for application, we can help move forward.

Our expert team will assess which honour may be most relevant for you and craft a compelling and informative application which showcases your achievements.

We’ll work with you to uncover the best people for recommendations and assist them in writing about your contribution. We’ll also provide professional application writers who will work with you to create an application that shines through.

We understand the Royal Honours application process and we’re dedicated to achieving the reward that you deserve.

For expert support in making a Royal Honours application, get in touch today.

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