The Changing Honours System

by | May 10, 2020

In an interview with Royal Central, our CEO Mike McKie was asked to discuss the Queen’s Honours system and the nomination process – specifically how it has changed in recent years, and whether this change is for the better.

You can find the entire interview here.

Given the current situation with COVID 19, it seems even more appropriate to reflect on the discussion in the interview about the current focus of the Government as it related to Honours Nominations.

Through austerity and societal changes, our ability to rely on the state institutions for support for disadvantaged people has diminished and the role of community organisations has become more and more important; whether they be food banks, community credit associations, mental health charities or voluntary organisations to support minority groups.

The government has been keen to recognize these organisations and, more importantly, offer the people behind them, who have worked tirelessly without reward, greater access to national recognition.

Royal Central – Interview with Mike McKie

We believe that the time is right to nominate everyday heroes with even greater enthusiasm as society wakes up again to the value of our neighbours and the communities where we live.

As a reminder, some further words from the interview about how best to go about submitting a compelling nomination.

The nomination process is free and can be made easily through the website Nominate someone for an honour or award. My key piece of advice for an application is to be specific – general terms of “good works” and “giving to charity” won’t be enough for a successful application. It is vital to explain what the nominee has done exactly to make things better and how they have worked for others on a sustained basis. Somebody who has just been “doing their job” won’t receive an award.

Here at Bayleaf, we offer support from writing an application in its entirety to just giving advice and reviewing your nomination or even just a free chat to see what the chances of success are.

We’d love to chat to you about your nominee to see how we can help secure a nomination, contact us.

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