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Founder, Mike Mckie

“My early career as a senior executive with global corporations in emerging and developing markets allowed me to experience cultures across Europe, US, Latin America & Asia.
In external-facing roles working with suppliers, governments and media, the resulting global perspective helped me to appreciate that often the only differences between success and failure are credibility & exposure. The ability to have the wider business community see, understand and recognise outstanding work – and the individuals delivering it – can provide the impetus for further success.
I decided to use my specialist skills and work with an exceptional team of writers and journalists to craft profiles and tell stories to ensure these innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs are recognized and celebrated. Now, we work with hundreds of people and organisations to gain the recognition they deserve by sharing their narratives in the right places, with the right people.

How do you fit into the business, Mike?

“I work personally with every one of our clients; from local charity founders, community leaders, to high-profile individuals and international businesses. Each client receives the same level of skill, discretion and attention – no matter the scale of the contribution and impact.
We believe reputation is best built slowly and authentically over time. My team look at the whole picture from digital presence (like personal websites and social media) to traditional placements like awards and press. And when it comes to recognition, we make sure that no stone is unturned in finding the facts or the angles which might make the difference to any award nomination.
Our network today involves supporting the best innovators, leaders and philanthropists with a range of legacy-building interventions like executive CVs, business awards, personal honours and reputation management services.”

Crafting Compelling Nominations For Deserved Rewards

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