Who We Are
Here at Bayleaf Honours, we know how to tell the story of your colleague or loved one who you think deserves a Royal Honour. We are experienced writers who understand the process and can help you to put together a nomination with the greatest possible chance of success.

We are part of the Bayleaf Solutions group – our motto is Making Words Count. We recognise the value of excellence in writing and provide services to those whose words need to count; including our business awards support group, Bayleaf Awards.

The team is led by Mike McKie who founded the business in 2018 to provide a high-quality and price-accessible alternative to the high-priced boutique alternatives already existing. The focus of the business is finding clients from groups who are under-represented in the honours system.

The UK has a long tradition of rewarding individuals for their bravery, contribution or service to the country through the system of honours awarded by the monarch – currently, the Royal Honours (sometimes also called the New Year’s Honours and the Birthday Honours for the times of the year that the announcements are made). There are various orders awarded for a wide variety of reasons – from specific acts or deeds, to lifetime service recognition.

We have previously provided support and advice for those wanting to join the Upper Chamber of Parliament, the House of Lords, as working cross-bench peers. This process consists of an application, references and several interview stages. However, the current application & nomination process does not give a realistic opportunity of success, so that service is currently not offered by us.

How Does It Work?

Although awarded officially by the Monarch, the recommendations are submitted by the Government who in turn, have in place an open nomination system whereby any individual can be nominated to be considered for an Honour.
We don’t have secret access to the decision-makers and we don’t promise success. In fact, we don’t publish our success statistics because the Nomination Committee doesn’t publish the overall application success rate – so we have nothing to compare ourselves to.

All we can promise you is professional writing and a deep and proven knowledge of the process, coupled with a genuine desire to get to know your story and to try to get recognition of the everyday heroes of the UK.

Buckingham Palace and Flags

Crafting Compelling Nominations For Deserved Rewards

We Are Experts In The Art Of Creating Leadership Awards

All leaders understand the value of winning awards – the resulting publicity, credibility and kudos are a powerful combination. And now, more than ever, your business needs all the help it can get to attract clients and cement your competitive advantage.
But with over 4000 business awards to choose from in the UK alone, which one is worth applying for? Our unique search engine uses our proprietary database to match you with the awards your business is most likely to win.

Leadership Award Writers Without Limits

We have a wide knowledge of current leadership awards and can recommend a path, or you can select which awards you would like to enter and we will give you an instant quote for producing a compelling and well-researched application to give you the best chance of winning.

Our business model has been carefully built to provide maximum value at affordable pricing to our clients. Our team work remotely and online, so you are not subsidizing expensive offices or travel time. Our employees are all directly involved with client work to maximise our investment into customer-facing interactions. And we recognize that the first application is the most time-consuming – so we prepare a nomination portfolio which is quickly and cheaply adaptable to subsequent nominations.

At Bayleaf, we believe in Making Words Count; we specialise in the highest quality business writing; from personal awards to leadership recognition.

Crafting Compelling Business Award Nominations

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