5 Reasons To Use An Honours Writing Service

by | Apr 23, 2021

You may have just learned about honours writing services and that’s how you’ve stumbled onto this article. Perhaps you’re thinking of someone you’d like to nominate or you’re unclear what an honours writing service could do to help you. Here are five reasons why using an honours writing service just makes sense:

1. Identifying the right supporters and helping them write compelling letters

Chances are, you know a lot of people. Some of them would be amazing resources for supporting nomination letters for an award nomination. But you’d be surprised to learn how many people just don’t know where to start when it comes to creating a prospective supporter list or helping them create a helpful supporter letter. That’s where an honours writing service can help. You’ll receive guidance around whom to approach and they’ll get support writing a great nomination letter; one of the many requirements for a Queen’s Honour.

2. Follow-up and persistence during the process

Have you ever started a task, but when it seemed no one else was keen on it, you just let it fizzle out? Securing your honours award nomination shouldn’t be like that. When you work with an honours writing service, they will not only advise and guide your application process but they’ll chase for any outstanding information from your nominee and supporters with a dogged determination. And that’s going to be critical as the process can take a long time and you’ll not want to lose steam nearing the finish line when you’ve invested so much time already.

3. Effective writing with a laser focus

Perhaps you’re a competent writer yourself. You may be thinking, what can an honours preparation service do for me that I couldn’t manage on my own? Well, you’d be surprised how valuable experience with writing hundreds of nominations actually is. There’s a certain flow to a good nomination. You’ll need to hit key points and maintain your focus with supporting information over a long, often 6+ page document. And that’s hard for any writer to do, even a professional one. A keen eye for edits and an understanding of what the reviewing committee is looking for goes a long way.

4. Eliminating the admin and risk-of-error

The awards nomination process for a Queen’s Honour can be a long and tedious one. There are multiple moving parts and a fair few documentation requirements to meet before a nomination is considered. So there is a lot that could go wrong for the inexperienced. The admin and detail of submitting a nomination could take over your life if you’re going at it alone. That’s why many people choose to work with an expert team like Bayleaf Honours. That external support is critical to minimise your time investment and reduce errors in your honours nomination submission.

5. Being discrete throughout

Outside of your designated supporter list, you might not want the world to know you’re attempting to nominate for, or be awarded, a Queen’s Honour. There are many reasons for this and when you work with an established honours writing service, they’ll always respect your need for privacy throughout the process. You may also be sharing sensitive information about yourself, your career or your medical history as part of the nomination process. Understandably, those things are all kept in the strictest of confidence at all times. When you contract a team like Bayleaf Honours, your privacy is a top priority.
So you see? While no one can guarantee you’ll be awarded an honour, there are lots of compelling reasons to retain an honours writing team for your nomination. If you’d like to discuss further what Bayleaf Honours can do to support you and how to get an MBE or other Honour, reach out to our helpful team here.

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