CEMENT your legacy for
future success

Your accomplishments communicate your ability to the world. Nothing more clearly demonstrates the value of your contributions and the right public profile will open doors and ensure that your expertise is never again overlooked.

Professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders from all backgrounds turn to us because we understand how to build legacies & reputations..

By enhancing the tangible aspects of our clients’ public-facing lives, we build on what is already there to bring them continued and greater success. A portfolio of tangible awards and peer recognition will help you stand out from the crowd and bring your achievements the acclaim that they have earned.

What We Do

We work with people and organisations to build a lasting legacy. We do this by offering a comprehensive pool of profile-enhancing services:


Providing expertise and support to earn national awards, honours and other top-tier accolades


Enhancing digital and social media channels for a more meaningful presentation


Developing and implementing application strategies for industry or sector decorations


Cultivating your public-facing image with the most effective up-to-date online tools


Finding suitable prospects for exposure through advertorials and other native media

If you have worked hard to succeed in your past then it is time to get serious about your future.

Action is needed to protect the true value of your accomplishments because although memories can fade, established reputations will last. Let us start telling your story to bring you the recognition that your achievements deserve and secure your future.

Our global team can start working for you today.

What do clients say?

“Experienced, professional and accessible.”

– S – Creative Arts

“Their sensitivity was absolutely spot on.”

– C – Arts & Media

“Even though the fees at Bayleaf are a fraction of the competition, their service and approach was much better suited to my situation.”

– J – Entrepreneur

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